What exactly is ‘A Mother’s Love’?

Fmothers_day31or hundreds of years, mothers have been the epitome of pure love. Each time we are told a story of a mother’s forgiveness when their child commits the minutest or even the largest mistake, our immediate thought is “well, that’s a mother’s love”. We know plenty of mothers that have been unable to sleep and eat, when their child is unwell because ‘a mother’s love’ refrains them from doing anything but caring for their child. But does it stop at just that? Is ‘a mother’s love’ bound by factors that only include danger and forgiveness? These perhaps lie at the surface of understanding what ‘a mother’s love’ means.

Simply put, ‘a mother’s love’ is a phrase that is used to explain all things that bind the love of a mother together – be it forgiveness, compromise, or sleepless nights. But, like most phrases, each individual has a unique view on what ‘a mother’s love’ means. “A mother’s love is a permanent scent that never dies down”, expresses Tasnia Shahab, a twenty-two year old currently at University. Sandra Thomson, also a twenty-two year old, defined ‘a mother’s love’ as, “a deep-rooted innate affection towards her child, that is unconditional and can withstand the test of time.” “A mother’s love is when she won’t stop nagging you to have breakfast”, describes Harkiraat Gill jokingly. This is what the children had to say, and it can be seen, that ultimately, ‘a mother’s love’, is pure and sacred.

And quite unsurprisingly, a mother’s perspective of the phrase is somewhat similar to that of a child’s. Varsha Vaya, a mother of two explains ‘a mothers love’ as the child always being a child in the eyes of a mother, “no matter how old children get, they will always remain babies in the eyes of a mother, and so a mother will always treat her child with the same carefulness and love as she did when the child was a baby”, she further expresses that a mother’s love is unconditional, “a mother will always love the child, regardless of how the child treats the mother, and the mother will always have something nice to say about their children.”

Aside from the unconditional love and acceptance, ‘a mother’s love’ is also about honesty. Every mother wants their child to have a future that is safe and successful, and so each time the child goes astray, a mother will bring them back on track, be it by lecturing or by scolding. A mother will also teach their children values and morals that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, ‘a mother’s love’ is about doing everything a mother can possibly do to ensure her child goes to bed with a smile on their face.



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