What is the perfect Mother’s Day?

MB_HappyMothersDayother’s Day is celebrated to honour mothers, to show them gratitude for all the love, care and affection that they have shown us over the years. Ordinarily, on Mother’s Day, children get their mothers’ a card and maybe a small present to celebrate the occasion, but often this is it. And it is often thought to be enough for the mothers’, and although it is enough for some mother’s, other mothers’ would like a little bit more than a card or a present. So what is it that mothers’ want? How would they like to celebrate this day?

Varsha Vaya, mother of two explains her ideal Mother’s Day to be one spending it fully with her children where her children make her feel special, “I would like them to wish me happy mothers day with big smile hug and kiss, give me a card made by themselves and flowers too. I would like for them to make me breakfast and make me feel special for the whole day and take me to the Temple as it would make me very happy because we don’t go there much. And if they can’t do that then a big smile with a hug and kiss saying Happy Mother’s Day and we love you so much and that I am the best mother would make my whole day.

Marilyn Thomson, mother of two, expresses her ideal Mother’s Day to be one where she and her children can help those in need, “personally I feel that mother’s day was more special when my kids were younger  and would come home from school with cute little cards they had made at school which had simple little messages in their childlike sometimes illegible hand writing. It would touch my heart to see their faces light up with excitement as they handed me their hard day’s work of making the perfect mother’s day  card for me and would wait impatiently for my approval. Sometimes there would even  be a bunch of wilted flowers picked in the garden. To me those were the most beautiful bunch of flowers  and the most meaningful mother’s day  cards I ever received.  I have kept many of those cards and I treasure them. Now that they are all grown up I would like to spend Mother’s Day  with them visiting an orphanage to feed, play and read to orphan children. Or even doing a day of charity work.”

Hina Ahmed, mother of three, describes a rather unique and ideal Mother’s day, “I would like for my kids to watch all my favourite old movies with me, the ones that I watched when I was their age, so that they can understand how our preferences are so different or similar, and so that they can see how all the movies I watched have made me the person I am today. I believe that makes a difference and we will have something in-common, as I am always watching all the stuff they like and I’m very aware of all the stuff they love or do not love, it helps me understand what they identify themselves with.”

Mother’s Day may be about the cards and the cakes, but a lot of it is moreabout spending quality time with the mother and understanding them as an individual a little bit more. Children should perhaps do all the things for their mother’s on this day that they wouldn’t ordinarily do, for example a trip to the temple or simply cooking for them so that they can take the imagesday-off and rest. And sometimes, a simple phone call or text message would leave a smile on a mother’s face that would last very long.

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