Ok, I’ve made a decision. HOORAY MEERA! Because I have my other WordPress for my portfolio and other work (click on the link…click on it!), I am going to use this WordPress as more of a personal-type of-let me go off on a rant about things I don’t mind sharing publicly-or expressing myself in general-kinda blog. Ok? Okay. It’ll help me write and clear my mind. And stuff.

Right so what part of Meera’s mind shall we explore today? I don’t even know. Ha! Yay! One heck of a come back post, right? Wrong. Ok. I really don’t know where I am going with this. I think the thing is I am too conscious about who might read this…although I shouldn’t be, because as a ‘blogger’ I should be excited when more people read my work. So maybe I should get over myself and just write about whatever I want to write about and get it out of the way.

Man, my grammar has become so bad..because I haven’t read in a while. And that’s very sad.  Oh yes, I know what I can write about. Gym. Yes, let’s talk about the gym.

I’ve being going to the gym for the past month and guess how much weight I lost? A kilo. A KILO. Only. That is so poor. I guess it has a lot do with my diet being so bad – pancakes, pizza, chips bla bla bla. Also, my motivation kinda dropped after two weeks of exercising…because I was expecting to get my periods (oh, get over it, if you’re cringing at me mentioning periods) and they’re late..again! How exciting! Not really though. Delays make me bloat and feel overly moody for no particular reason. I’d rather be on them and carry on with life, than wait for them and be annoyed by the fact that they are just delayed over and over again. But yeah, I got demotivated and started eating more than I otherwise would. And I started doing more toning, because it requires less  movement. To be honest, I think I just got bored. I mean…running on a treadmill..what an exciting thing to do. Ugh. It’s boring. See, I am more excited by other forms of working out like Pilates or Zumba or dancing. So yeah, I lost just a kilo. I also fell sick in between, so I was sleeping, mostly. So, yeah that’s that. I do need to keep fit though, I am over weight by about five to seven kilos..so yeah, I need to still exercise. I will figure something out.

ANYWAYS. Sorry to bore you all with my nonsense. I’ll get back to watching crime shows now.



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