Let’s take London

12788948_10154000683428708_669102271_oOne of the things I love about London is that I have the freedom to be myself. I can put on my weird-looking hat, my really dark shade of lipstick, my white boots…and I would still fit in. I never have to think twice about being “too much”. Whereas in Kenya or Dubai, being even the tiniest bit out of “normal” gets you a jar full of stares. So yes, London, thank you for your freedom.  And, I love London because of its diversity, its people, and all that it offers.

12790227_10154000683548708_2085806070_oYes, let’s take London away and devour every little bit of it…all in a month’s time. Sounds like a plan, does it not? So for lack of a better title, I am sticking to this one. Let’s take London. My goal for the next 30 days or so.

I am in London for a month, and my goal is to visit each and every place I shrugged off when I lived here for university. What am I going to do? Explore. Take pictures. And blog my whole experience.

For the last two day I’ve been reading (duh!), well, rereading Harry Potter…to add to the Britishness? Not quite. I’m a fan, and I am falling in love with the story all over again. So yes, it has been Harry Potter and surprising my friend from University. She was really happy, which made me really happy. Yay for happiness.

So let’s do this.

Let’s blog. Let’s explore. Let’s live.

Let’s take London, one day at a time!


  1. Where is the like button?!!! I really wanna go to this, and reading this encourages me even more! X

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