Hi guys,

I’ve decided to blog again (this time for real, for real) and this time for myself.  Partially because I need to practise my writing, and partially because when I read this five years down the line (when I am 30!) I can tell myself, “see how you’ve grown!” (or not).

I just read some of my stuff from five years ago, and I was a whole different person (I am so painfully cliché and cringe, I know). But I need to write. Right? (Lol!)


I moved out of London. The transition to back-home has been a bit weird, but what isn’t? I’ve been up and down and then totally with no feeling (but still breathing, lol).

I’m so bad at this now. (20 year old, overly excited, oversharing “blogger” me would be so disappointed – but see how I’ve grown, right?)

This is difficult. It feels like I am sharing too much (is that normal?)


I’m gonna use this to write whatever – stuff like this, and then my feeble attempt at ‘creative’ writing because I got a book of writing prompts (and writing fiction is a fun way for me to deal with my emotions or myself and it would be cool to put my stuff out there, no?).

How are you all? (Who am I addressing even – is it 30 year old me from the future? ARE YOU EMPLOYED, ARE YOU FINALLY EMPLOYED?)

Anyway. I feel weird. (But I have a badly written piece of fiction coming right up – so stay tuned!)

By the way, OITNB is wrapped up (I haven’t watched season six yet) – but it’s weird to think that!

OK Bye! This was painfully awkward! Does it get better?

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