To anyone that is struggling,

If you feel so horrible that you can’t sleep because you’re terrified of tomorrow, take a step back and look at all the other days which terrified you, and you still made it through.

See, you are so brave.

I know the voices in your head are loud. But hear me when I say, that you are loved. You’re not a burden. Your friends and your family care about you.

And no, you are not too much.

Please don’t hurt yourself. Because if you’re like me at all, you’ll want to do it again and again and again.

Instead, try to breathe. Imagine what colours would feel like. And have water. Have lots and lots of water.

Create a playlist of your favourite songs. Remind yourself that there will always be songs to add to that playlist. And you gotta stick around to hear them.

Think of your favourite book or film or TV show, and the comfort in reading them or watching them again and again.

And while you’re at it:

Hold on to the beauty of little things. Like how red and blue and white make purple. Or how you can get pictures taken in the middle of a busy street and have them printed in just five minutes.

Or how you can create anything, and I mean anything from a blank canvas.

And when none of these seem to work, remind yourself of your favourite memories with your best friends and your family. There will be more of those. And you gotta stick around to experience them.

I know your appetite has gone. But try to eat a small amount. One spoon for yourself and for your favourite celebrity maybe? (mine would be Tatiana Maslany).

Call your friends. Tell them you are struggling. Be honest. They will understand. They will help you. They love you.

Speak to a therapist. It’s okay. They will help you.

Have your vitamins and your medicines and your fruits, too.

You are not alone. Look up at the stars. See the trees around you. There’s magic where you stand. The whole universe is with you.

You are loved.