36 & 37

Day 164 at the library and I haven’t grown bored of it. I am totally kidding, I have grown entirely bored of it. A book lover bored of the library, how does that even work? Well it does – if you have to read academic papers upon academic papers of cruise tourism and how to make a succesful business, while trying to control your bladder because of the 3 cups of coffee and 1 can of coke you’ve drunk. Yes, this is my life now. Also, feeling extremely awkward and anxious while sat in the group zone. But, hey, music helps. A lot.


I have been super stressed so I have been eating lots of junk food, not that it matters because I eat junk food on a regular basis anyway. Does coffee make you dizzy? Because I am feeling slightly that way right now, or maybe I am just over reacting because I tend to do that a lot. Sometimes. Not always, though. Anyway, have you ever come across those super good looking people that have the ability to break your heart even though you have never spoken to them? And even though they wear jackets made of feathers? And spacemen outfits? If you haven’t already guessed, I am talking about Brandon Flowers. Everytime I watch YouTube videos of him singing and dancing around, my heart breaks just a little and I want to cry because how on earth does he manage to look so good without even trying. But that’s Brandon Flowers, he’s a celebrity, celebrities are all good looking. It’s far worse when you see that person very often and you can’t say much but your eyes get fixated on their beauty. I’ve come across two people like this in my uni. And I do not even know their names. Well one of them. Help me, I am rambling.

So today is my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ma!

I just googled too-much-coffee and I meet a majority of the symptoms. Shit. Shit. Pardon my profanity, I have spent the whole day by myself in the group zone. I have to get out of here. Let me complete my challenge.

Day 36 – What is the absolute hardest thing about staying alive?

Accepting yourself. That took me super long.

Day 37 – What is a book that has been recognized as ‘great literature’ that you dislike? Why?

Well. If I were to choose, I would pick The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I can’t seem to get past the first few chapters. But it’s probably me. It is my goal to read the trilogy. K?

Before I head off, let me tell you my dream from last night because I woke up this morning and muttered whoa, Meera. Basically, it was the month of April and I was still in London. And I had a baby. So I was on the train going to a venue that had a Paramore concert that night. So, I bumped into this girl on the train and I told her how I really wanted to go see Paramore but I hadn’t any tickets. And then she was said she can sneak me in, so I was super excited. Now we talked to the bouncer-guy and he let me in. YAY! (Not really sneaking in is it?) Anyway. So I was right at the front hoping Hayley Williams would pick me to sing Misery Business with her on stage. Hoping, hoping. I needed to pee. Damn you, bladder. So, I went to the toilet and my baby was crying. So I took it out of my backpack. That’s right, I put my baby in my backpack. What the actual heck? So anyway, I gave the baby to my mum because it was hungry and I didn’t know how to deal with it. And then before Hayley Williams could pick me, my alarm buzzed. I was somewhat relieved because I know better than to put my baby in a backpack. But, holy cow.

Anyway. I am going to go back home because I have to walk. And it’s dark. Do the maths.

See you later,


P.S – If you’re wondering about my coffee-overdose-fiasco I went to the toilet. Definitely awkward, but I feel better.

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